The Olde White Church is a very lively congregation.  We have many special services and community events throughout the year! 

We always have something for everyone, so come and join us!

The Spirit Is Sent

Dinner and Devotion Bible Study

Wednesday at 6:00pm

Inside all creation is the Spirit of God.  From the moment life was sparked, God spoke with the Spirit and the magnificent energy of creation was born! The Spirit dwells within all that was created – from the lilies of the valley to the birds of the air, from fish in the sea to you and me – God’s Spirit is found in all things.  One then might consider, if God’s Spirit is within all things, then surely God’s Spirit is present where God’s ministry is commissioned.   In this Bible Study Series, we will explore the Spirit that lives and breathes within the walls of this, The Olde White Church.  We will trace its presences throughout our history and watch as vitality gives clues to the times when we were in sync with the Spirit and struggle suggested we were fighting against it.  Come, listen to the movement of the Spirit, listen and feel what God has in store for us – the congregation of The Olde White Church.